PVC Coated Crowd Control Barrier, PVC Crowd Control Barrier

1- PVC coated crowd control barrier material: Carbon steel pipes Q235
2- Crowd control barrier surface treatment: PVC coated after welding.
3- PVC coated crowd control barrierSpecifications:
— Panels sizes: 1.1m high,2.1m wide
— Frame pipes: 20mm,25mm(popular),32mm,40mm,42mm,48mmO.D
— Infill pipes: 14mm,16mm,20mm(popular),25mmO.D
— Thickness of pipe: 1.0mm. 1.2mm, 1.5mmm, 2.0mm
— Spacing: 60mm,100mm,190mm(popular)200mm
— With flat metal feet(600x60x6mm)

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